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Freight Train Slams into Charter Bus, $250M Sought in Personal Injury Lawsuit

By Derek L. Hall, PLLC |

PR Newswire reports that on March 7, 2017 a charter bus was hit by a freight train in Biloxi, Mississippi after it became stuck at a steep grade crossing. The train was traveling quickly at the moment of impact and pushed the 20 plus ton bus more than 200 feet upon impact. Unfortunately the… Read More »


FAQs about Adopting a Child in Mississippi

By Derek L. Hall, PLLC |

Are you interested in adopting a child in Mississippi? If so, you probably have a lot of questions but don’t worry, all of your questions will be answered, you just have to get the process started! We recommend that you begin by reading over the frequently asked questions that are answered below and then… Read More »


Buckle Up, Mississippi’s New Seat Belt Law Takes Effect July 1st

By Derek L. Hall, PLLC |

Under Mississippi’s current seat belt laws, drivers, front-seat passengers, and children under seven years of age who are not required to use a child seat or restraint system, must wear a properly fastened seat belt when riding in a passenger motor vehicle on a public road, street, or highway in Mississippi. Miss. Code Ann…. Read More »


Child Support Modification FAQs

By Derek L. Hall, PLLC |

In most cases, Mississippi courts issue child support awards in accordance with the Mississippi Child Support Guidelines. These guidelines take into account a variety of relevant factors in order to determine which parent will be required to make child support payments and in what amount. However, a child support award that complied with our… Read More »


Mississippi is One of Only Two States Without a True “No-Fault Divorce” Law

By Derek L. Hall, PLLC |

Recently, published an article about a local woman who moved out of Mississippi in order to divorce her husband because our state is one of only two American states that currently does not have a no-fault divorce law on the books. A no-fault divorce law is a statute that enables a married person… Read More »


Personal Injury News Update: Mississippi’s Proposed “Phantom Damages” Bill

By Derek L. Hall, PLLC |

In February, lawyers in the Mississippi House of Representatives passionately debated whether or not to approve House Bill 481 (nicknamed the “Phantom Damages Bill”), a proposed tort reform law which would greatly impact personal injury litigation in our state. In a nutshell, this bill would change how injured plaintiffs seeking compensation in Mississippi courts… Read More »


Who is Liable When an 18-Wheeler Causes an Accident in Mississippi?

By Derek L. Hall, PLLC |

When a court in Mississippi determines that an 18-wheeler is legally at fault for causing a car accident who can be held legally liable? The truck driver? The company that owns and operates the truck? According to Mississippi’s vicarious liability laws, both the truck driver and the company that he or she was working… Read More »


How Alimony is Determined in Mississippi

By Derek L. Hall, PLLC |

Alimony, also referred to as “spousal support”, is an allowance authorized by law for one spouse to receive from the other for financial support after a couple gets divorced. In Mississippi the law recognizes two different types of alimony: lump sum alimony and periodic payment alimony. This article explores the difference between these two… Read More »


Common Causes of 18-Wheeler Crashes in Mississippi

By Derek L. Hall, PLLC |

Unfortunately, accidents involving 18-wheelers are very common in Mississippi. In fact, just a couple weeks ago a fatal 18-wheeler crash occurred in Chickasaw County. According to, the accident happened on Highway 32 between Van Vleet and Okolona and involved an 18-wheeler and an ambulance colliding head-on. Sadly, the ambulance driver was killed and… Read More »


18-Wheeler Crashes: Tips on How to Avoid Them

By Derek L. Hall, PLLC |

While all car accidents are inherently dangerous, those involving 18-wheelers (also known as semi-trucks) tend to be particularly terrible as these massive trucks can easily flatten smaller vehicles on the road. Additionally, accidents on American roads involving 18-wheelers are disproportionately high due to the fact that big trucks have larger blind spots, are less… Read More »

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