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Football Injuries and Tort Law in Mississippi

By Derek L. Hall, PLLC |

Football is the most popular sport in the South, and it is also the number one cause of sports-related injuries. Nearly 100,000 injuries are sustained by children and young adults every year while playing the game. Many of these injuries are considered traumatic and have long-lasting or even life-long effects. Common Football-related Injuries Football… Read More »


Legal Battle Brewing Over Same-Sex Parent Recognition in Mississippi

By Derek L. Hall, PLLC |

A Mississippi woman recently filed an appeal in her child custody case, asking to be legally recognized as a parent to the child born to her then-wife. The Mississippi Supreme Court has been asked to overturn a lower court’s decision that a same-sex spouse cannot be legally recognized as a parent to their spouse’s… Read More »


Injured by an Uninsured Drunk Driver in Mississippi?

By Derek L. Hall, PLLC |

With the third-highest rate of uninsured motorists in the country, Mississippi roadways frequently experience uninsured motorist accidents. But what if an uninsured driver injures you? Who will pay your medical bills? In reality, if the liable driver does not have insurance then you’ll likely need to turn to some other source for compensation. For… Read More »


Who Must Consent to a Mississippi Adoption?

By Derek L. Hall, PLLC |

Before a child can be adopted in Mississippi consent to the adoption must be obtained. The Child Welfare Information Gateway defines “consent to adoption” as the agreement by a parent, or a person or agency acting in place of a parent, to relinquish a child for adoption and release all rights and duties with… Read More »


Mississippi’s Child Relocation Laws: The Need to Know Basics

By Derek L. Hall, PLLC |

Imagine that a husband (Tim) and his wife (Laura) live in Mississippi with their daughter (Sally). The family lives together in Mississippi for many years until one day Tim and Laura determine that their marriage simply isn’t working anymore and decide to get divorced. After their divorce is finalized Laura decides that she would… Read More »


Back to School: School Bus Safety Laws in Mississippi

By Derek L. Hall, PLLC |

As kids head back to school, many parents worry as they watch their children ride away in a big yellow school bus. It can be unnerving to send a young child off with no seat belts, on a crowded bus driven by a stranger. However, the National Safety Council assures us that riding the… Read More »


FAQs about the Assumption of Risk Doctrine

By Derek L. Hall, PLLC |

When you decide to play a sport, take a ski lift, climb up a steep cliff, or engaged in some other inherently or obviously dangerous activity you (legally speaking) assume a certain amount of risk. Therefore, in the United States the assumption of risk doctrine can sometimes be used as a legal defense in… Read More »


Property Division: The Difference Between Separate and Marital Property

By Derek L. Hall, PLLC |

If a Mississippi divorce is in your future then get ready to hear an awful lot about separate and marital property. These legal terms will become very important to you as divorce courts in Mississippi only distribute marital property while separate property, on the other hand, remains with the spouse who owns it. Most… Read More »


Mississippi’s Personal Injury Statute of Limitations

By Derek L. Hall, PLLC |

A personal injury statute of limitations (SOL) is a law that bars personal injury claims from being filed after a certain amount of time has passed since the cause of action occurred. Depending on the wording of the applicable SOL, a statute of limitations clock can start to run on the date when the… Read More »


FAQs About Wrongful Death Claims in Mississippi

By Derek L. Hall, PLLC |

Losing a loved one is always challenging, especially when the untimely death was caused by someone else’s negligence or wrongful act. In the wake of such a loss legal claims are often the last thing on a family’s mind, nonetheless it is important to know that families who have experienced such a loss are… Read More »

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