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Mississippi’s Child Relocation Laws: The Need to Know Basics

By Derek L. Hall, PLLC |

Imagine that a husband (Tim) and his wife (Laura) live in Mississippi with their daughter (Sally). The family lives together in Mississippi for many years until one day Tim and Laura determine that their marriage simply isn’t working anymore and decide to get divorced. After their divorce is finalized Laura decides that she would… Read More »


Back to School: School Bus Safety Laws in Mississippi

By Derek L. Hall, PLLC |

As kids head back to school, many parents worry as they watch their children ride away in a big yellow school bus. It can be unnerving to send a young child off with no seat belts, on a crowded bus driven by a stranger. However, the National Safety Council assures us that riding the… Read More »


FAQs about the Assumption of Risk Doctrine

By Derek L. Hall, PLLC |

When you decide to play a sport, take a ski lift, climb up a steep cliff, or engaged in some other inherently or obviously dangerous activity you (legally speaking) assume a certain amount of risk. Therefore, in the United States the assumption of risk doctrine can sometimes be used as a legal defense in… Read More »


Property Division: The Difference Between Separate and Marital Property

By Derek L. Hall, PLLC |

If a Mississippi divorce is in your future then get ready to hear an awful lot about separate and marital property. These legal terms will become very important to you as divorce courts in Mississippi only distribute marital property while separate property, on the other hand, remains with the spouse who owns it. Most… Read More »


Mississippi’s Personal Injury Statute of Limitations

By Derek L. Hall, PLLC |

A personal injury statute of limitations (SOL) is a law that bars personal injury claims from being filed after a certain amount of time has passed since the cause of action occurred. Depending on the wording of the applicable SOL, a statute of limitations clock can start to run on the date when the… Read More »


FAQs About Wrongful Death Claims in Mississippi

By Derek L. Hall, PLLC |

Losing a loved one is always challenging, especially when the untimely death was caused by someone else’s negligence or wrongful act. In the wake of such a loss legal claims are often the last thing on a family’s mind, nonetheless it is important to know that families who have experienced such a loss are… Read More »


How to Establish Paternity in Mississippi

By Derek L. Hall, PLLC |

Legally speaking, establishing paternity is very important for a number of different reasons. For example, obtaining a paternity determination can help secure financial support for a child, prevent a mother from giving a child up for adoption without the father’s consent, and help a father gain custody and visitation rights to his child. But… Read More »


FAQs about Childhood Personal Injury Lawsuits

By Derek L. Hall, PLLC |

When an adult is injured by someone else’s negligent or wrongful act the injured adult can often pursue a personal injury lawsuit against the person who injured them in order to recover compensation for the losses they sustained in connection with their injury. The same general principle applies when a child is injured, however… Read More »


Thinking of Signing a Prenup? Here’s What You Need to Know

By Derek L. Hall, PLLC |

Prenuptial agreements are not just for the rich and famous, nowadays couples from all walks of life are choosing to execute a prenup before saying their vows. At its core, a prenuptial agreement (also sometimes referred to as a “premarital agreement” or an “antenuptial agreement”) is simply a contract signed before marriage in which… Read More »


Grandparent Visitation Rights in Mississippi

By Derek L. Hall, PLLC |

Now that divorces are so prevalent in the United States it is common to hear stories of a parent being awarded visitation rights and/or custody of their children, but it is far less common to hear about a grandparent being awarded these types of rights. In fact, many people are not even aware that… Read More »

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