Alisha Kendall is a legal assistant at Derek L. Hall, PC where she assists the legal team with administrative tasks involved in personal injury, disability law, and family law cases. She works closely with firm clients, using her knowledge and experience as a former certified nursing assistant to better understand the struggles of the firm’s personal injury clients. She has completed over 200 hours at a certified nursing school, which provides her with unique insight into the physical and emotional toll personal injuries can cause.

Alisha grew up in a small town in Georgia before permanently moving to Mississippi, where she has resided for more than 20 years. She attended certified nursing school in 2003. She enjoys getting the opportunity to speak to clients about life-altering matters and helping guide them during difficult times. She uses a compassionate approach with all clients and has the drive to help them in any way possible.

Alisha is very family-oriented, having spent years coaching T-ball, soccer, pee-wee football, and other youth sports for years. When she’s not working as a receptionist and legal assistant at Derek L. Hall, PC, Alisha enjoys tubing down the rivers, ATV mud riding, and going on ghost tours. She also has a traditional Sunday dinner every week with her family.

Alisha is grateful to help clients from all walks of life and takes great pride in her work with Derek L. Hall, PC