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Extrication from a Vehicle following a Collision

By Derek L. Hall, PC |

The Jaws of Life: a dramatic name for a critical life-saving tool used when people suffer collisions and become trapped in their vehicles. First responders have been trained in the most safe and efficient manner to perform these rescue operations for good reason; minutes can mean the difference between life and death. Injuries Associated… Read More »


Protect your Marriage from Coronavirus

By Derek L. Hall, PC |

We’ve all heard the advice on how to protect ourselves from coronavirus:  wash hands for 20 seconds multiple times daily, cough into your elbow, avoid touching your face, participate in social distancing that limits your contacts with others.  But how many of us realize that there’s another front that needs a substantial defense:  our… Read More »


Most Common Kinds of Collisions

By Derek L. Hall, PC |

If you drive more than a few minutes on any given route these days, it seems likely that at some point in your week, you’ll come across a traffic collision.  Hopefully, it’ll be a collision that doesn’t result in serious injuries or fatalities, and, more importantly, it’ll be a collision that doesn’t involve you… Read More »


Ensure Protection with a Good Divorce Attorney

By Derek L. Hall, PC |

Anyone thinking about filing for divorce has probably spent some time on the Internet looking at alternatives to hiring a local attorney.  They may be hoping to save a few bucks by avoiding attorney’s fees, but are actually being a bit shortsighted.  The fact of the matter is, a good divorce attorney can save… Read More »


Understanding Social Security Benefits in 2020

By Derek L. Hall, PC |

If you receive Social Security benefits, or if you’re about to, you’re in for some good news.  2020 looks brighter with the annual changes that have been announced by the Social Security Administration (SSA) for the coming year.  If you need help understanding your benefits, speaking to an attorney who focuses on such matters… Read More »


Divorce and the IRS

By Derek L. Hall, PC |

One of the last things that you might be thinking about as you contemplate divorce is the implication the split will have on your taxes.  But the truth of the matter is, things are going to change, and knowing the basics puts you in a much better position as you negotiate the terms of… Read More »


Dangers of ATVs

By Derek L. Hall, PC |

ATVs are a popular source of recreation these days, and for good reason.  These vehicles provide individuals and families the opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors in a variety of settings.  Tragically, ATV accidents are not uncommon, leading to serious injuries, and even deaths in the worst cases.  If you or a loved one… Read More »


Motorist Behavior that Endangers Big Rigs and Everyone Else

By Derek L. Hall, PC |

There’s likely not a driver among us who hasn’t felt a twinge of impatience while navigating Mississippi’s highways when traffic is heavy, or when construction cones force vehicles to merge into fewer lanes than necessary for maximum speeds.  All too frequently, driver frustration leads to menacing behaviors behind the wheel, like weaving quickly between… Read More »


When Doing your Job gets you Killed

By Derek L. Hall, PC |

90 individuals lost their lives due to workplace accidents here in Mississippi in 2017 alone.  That is a 21 percent increase in workplace fatalities over the previous year. This, despite the clear responsibility for employers to provide a safe working environment for employees. If you have lost a loved one due to negligence or… Read More »


Driving in Inclement Weather

By Derek L. Hall, PC |

Although snow is a rarity in the Magnolia State, driving conditions are often treacherous due to other weather issues.  In fact, Mississippi is among the most dangerous states in the union for driving during rain.  While you may use common sense to handle your vehicle safely, the sad fact is that it only takes… Read More »

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