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Deadly Head-on Crashes

By Derek L. Hall, PC |

When motor vehicles stray from the places they are supposed to be, one of the most deadly results can be a head-on collision. If you or a loved one is the victim this type of crash, you would no doubt benefit from the services of an aggressive and experienced local attorney. Why Do They… Read More »


When Business Concerns Outweigh Love

By Derek L. Hall, PC |

Many entrepreneurs start out with high hopes and equally high commitment to the business. When young married couples initiate those fledgling businesses, they oftentimes have no inkling of the strain the business will put on their relationship. Work infiltrates the relationship, dominating conversations, vacations, and other aspects of the marriage.  Twenty years down the… Read More »


Gun Violence

By Derek L. Hall, PC |

Gun violence is rampant in this country, and sadly, Mississippi is no stranger to the devastation that occurs when gun-wielding individuals make poor decisions. In fact, Mississippi ranks fourth in the nation for gun deaths. While the right to bear arms is indisputable in Mississippi, irresponsible gun ownership can have serious consequences. If harm… Read More »


Mississippi Adoption

By Derek L. Hall, PC |

Many couples choose to expand their families through adoption. Though the reasons behind this choice vary, the one constant among all such couples is the driving desire to parent. Getting through the convoluted system can be exhausting, but ultimately, with the help of an experienced attorney, the outcome will be well worth the effort…. Read More »


Thailand Cave Rescue Prompts Safety Reminder

By Derek L. Hall, PC |

The world was mesmerized by the rescue operation. Twelve young boys and their soccer coach had left their bicycles at the opening of a cave in Thailand, when sudden monsoon rains trapped them deep within the earth. After being concealed in total darkness for days, wet, hungry and weak, a team of divers, engineers,… Read More »


Do You Have to Say Goodbye to Stepchildren in a Divorce?

By Derek L. Hall, PC |

When couples divorce, it obviously impacts more than just the husband and wife.  As families are broken apart, children may experience anxiety over the future of their relationships with one or both parents. And while there’s no minimizing the effects of divorce on biological children in a divorce, stepchildren often face even greater consternation…. Read More »


Canine Attacks

By Derek L. Hall, PC |

Many people have dogs in their homes and yards, and consider them to be a part of the family. Unfortunately, sometimes beloved pets take their jobs as family protector to the extreme, and innocent people are hurt. Mississippi has had its share of horrendous dog-bite scenarios, including these recent events: One woman had simply… Read More »


Road Rage

By Derek L. Hall, PC |

Road rage: we hear the term all the time, but what is it? And why is it so common? The fact of the matter is that road rage can occur at any time, and unsuspecting motorists may fall prey to the vicious actions of others. In the event you become the target of a… Read More »


Facing Divorce? Play it Cool

By Derek L. Hall, PC |

Divorce is difficult. There’s no arguing that the mental, emotional, and physical challenges of this life-changing event take a toll. If you are facing a divorce, whether it was initiated by you or by your spouse, you can expect to experience a range of emotions in the coming months. You can’t go wrong when… Read More »


Modifying Alimony Payments in Mississippi due to Cohabitation

By Derek L. Hall, PC |

If you are making alimony payments, chances are the court determined that your spouse required financial assistance. Gone are the days of punishing a cheating spouse. In today’s divorce agreements, alimony is based purely on financial need. For that reason, it is often referred to as spousal support. Making changes to the amount paid… Read More »

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