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What to Expect in Divorce Court

By Derek L. Hall, PC |

Divorce court: the room that no one plans for, but many married couples wind up in. It’s an intimidating place to be, as the judge sits across from you and signs off on decisions that that impact your parenting, your finances, and other aspects of your future. Notwithstanding the discomfort, your attorney can help… Read More »


Beware of Intersections

By Derek L. Hall, PC |

When one woman and her grandson were driving in their Chevy Tahoe down Route 45 in Mississippi one summer day, they couldn’t have imagined that it would be their last ride together. When a Honda Odyssey ran a stop sign at an intersection, it smashed into the side of the Tahoe, ejecting both the… Read More »


Furry Friends: Where do they go in a Divorce?

By Derek L. Hall, PC |

Splitting up the furniture and credit card bills is stressful during a divorce, no doubt. But the real anxiety is often associated with the division of property that has personal value. The family photos; that crooked ceramic dish made by your teenage son; and yes, the family pet. The fact is, six in ten… Read More »


Accidents with Big Rigs

By Derek L. Hall, PC |

Every accident has the potential to be perilous, but none more so than accidents involving big rigs. The sheer size and weight of these vehicles put drivers of these rigs, not to mention drivers of other vehicles, at a serious disadvantage in the event of a collision. For motorists who share the highway with… Read More »


Motorcycle Accidents

By Derek L. Hall, PC |

The warm weather brings out the native desire to relish the wide, open road. If you ride a motorcycle, you may be chomping at the bit to get out and feel the sun on your face as you explore a new season on your bike. But motorcyclists have particular concerns when it comes to… Read More »


Assisted Contraception Complicates Parental Status in Divorce

By Derek L. Hall, PC |

If you and your partner used artificial insemination to conceive a child, and later divorce, you may not be prepared for the legal questions as to parentage that arise. The subject is so complex that you will want to consult with a local attorney as to your rights going forward. The Strickland-Day case Two… Read More »


Staying Safe on Mississippi Roadways

By Derek L. Hall, PC |

Commuting along Mississippi highways should be an uneventful exercise. Most of the time, it is. But wrecks do occur, and when they result in significant personal injury, an experienced local attorney can help in the aftermath. In the meanwhile, there are some basic steps every driver can take to limit the risks on the… Read More »


New Tax Overhaul Cuts into Alimony Payments

By Derek L. Hall, PC |

Whatever your feelings are about the new tax plan signed into law by President Trump, you should know that if you’re planning on divorcing in the near future, there’s a possibility you will suffer adversely from at least one of the provisions. That’s because starting in 2019, the deduction for alimony payments for those… Read More »


Divorce and the Days After: Taking Care of the Kids

By Derek L. Hall, PC |

Children of all ages generally want their parents to stay together. Even so, when parents make the decision to split, having parents in two separate households becomes a reality. Here are some tips on making that transition easier on the kids. Preparing for the Divorce  As the adults, it is important for parents to… Read More »


Mississippi Ice

By Derek L. Hall, PC |

Winter driving is never more perilous than when black ice coats the roads. Mississippi Highway Patrol warns that following too closely on Mississippi roadways can lead to collisions at any time, but particularly when freezing conditions exist. What is Black Ice?  When the temperatures drop to around 32 degrees on wet roadways, ice forms… Read More »

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