5 Reasons to Speak with a Social Security Disability Attorney

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Being diagnosed with a disabling condition can be physically and emotionally draining. Unfortunately for many people, it can also be financially draining as well. An individual may lose the ability to work and find themselves unsure how to support themselves. The good news is there are government programs designed as social safety nets for these people. Unfortunately, the application process for these programs can be both confusing and challenging.

If a medical condition is impacting your quality of life and ability to work, you may be eligible to apply for some forms of Social Security benefits. But, which program is right for you, and how do you successfully attempt to navigate the application system? You might be wondering, “Do you need a lawyer for Social Security disability?” An experienced Mississippi Social Security disability lawyer can be of critical assistance during this time and may help you avoid unnecessary delays and denials.

Take a look at the top five reasons a disability attorney can help you. If you have more questions, contact the legal team at Derek L. Hall, P.C. today. We offer a free case review to help get you started.

Receive a Preliminary Evaluation to Check If You Qualify for Benefits

Sometimes it can be confusing to sort through which benefit options you may qualify for. There are Social Security Disability Insurance benefits, or SSDI, and Supplemental Security Income, or SSI. Both of these benefits have stringent application requirements and, depending on your income level and work history, you may be able to apply for one or both programs.

Applying for the wrong benefits program can waste your valuable time and result in your application being denied. An experienced Social Security disability attorney can sit down with you and review your situation. Based on the information you provide, an attorney can then determine which benefit programs you qualify for, taking the guesswork out of the process.

 Get Help with Your Initial Social Security Application

Applying for Social Security benefits can be challenging. The application process itself is lengthy, and there are mounds of medical records and other important documentation that need to be submitted to substantiate your benefits claim. Gathering these records can be tedious and frustrating, not to mention the time it takes to fill out the comprehensive application itself. Your initial request for benefits is based on the information you include in and with your application, so it’s essential that you carefully complete it.

Turning to a seasoned Social Security disability attorney is one way to cut down on your stress levels and get help filing your initial application. An attorney who has worked extensively in this field knows what the government is looking for in terms of medical documentation. An attorney can also review your application for oversights and mistakes and check for accuracy. Sometimes even the smallest error or missing detail can result in an application being denied. Having an attorney to help you file an initial claim can increase your odds of filing a successful application.

Update the SSA of Any Changes and with Medical Records

When you have a serious medical condition, there can be good days and bad days. When there are changes in your treatment plan or your medical condition begins to deteriorate, that is important information that needs to be passed on to the Social Security Administration. However, reaching out to the Administration to give them this timely and necessary information can be difficult.

A Social Security disability lawyer can pass along vital medical information to the Social Security Administration on your behalf, giving you peace of mind that it has all the information they need to make a decision about your claim. If you are already receiving benefits, an attorney can pass along your medical information to help make sure that you continue to receive the money you need.

Ensure You File Your Appeal Within the Deadline

It is an unfortunate reality for many people, but a lot of initial Social Security benefit applications are denied. This can be frustrating and result in individuals who need the benefits giving up on their claim. However, an attorney may be able to help you file an appeal and fight for your rights.

An appeal can be complicated as there are several different levels to the process. This process can also be daunting because of the strict time limits and deadlines. An experienced attorney can keep things on track.

Receive Representation at Your Hearing

The appeals process may put you in front of an Administrative Law Judge. It helps to have an attorney by your side to strengthen your claim with evidence and support you through the appeals process. Your SSD attorney can prepare you for what is ahead and the questions that a judge may ask you about your claim.

A disability benefits lawyer can also help present your case to the judge in a compelling and informative manner. It can be daunting appearing before a judge, even when you are feeling your best. This process can be stressful and intimidating at a time where you may be feeling ill and particularly vulnerable. Your attorney is a knowledgeable and solid presence that you can rely on during the hearing process.

How an SSD Attorney Can Help

While this may be your first time filing a benefits application, it is not a first for a seasoned disability benefits lawyer. A skilled attorney has been through this process countless times, which means they understand what the government is looking for when it comes to a complete and compelling application.

An experienced disability benefits attorney also knows which legal arguments to make and what evidence to present if a claim is denied and an applicant has to appear for an appeal hearing. Overall, a lawyer is familiar with the entire process from start to finish. That means they understand how to help you navigate the system and may be able to help you achieve a positive result more efficiently for your situation.

Contact a Mississippi Social Security Disability Attorney Today

The Social Security system is in place to help disabled individuals collect the money they need to make ends meet. Too often, because of the complicated process and frequent denials, people do not seek the benefits they deserve or give up after their first denial. A knowledgeable Mississippi lawyer for Social Security disability can help guide you through the system. We can help you compile a thorough and detailed application or appeal.

If you need more information on how a skilled Social Security disability lawyer can help you, contact Derek L. Hall, P.C. today.