Social Security Disability

Book about Veteran Benefits on a desk.

After spending years of their lives defending our country, military veterans deserve to be taken care of when they’re disabled by injury or illness. That’s why the federal government offers disability benefits to sick and injured veterans. Unfortunately, these benefits can be hard to obtain, and the rules that determine…

social security disability claim

Although many people don’t realize it, anyone who works and pays into Social Security has a portion of their money going into survivors’ insurance. That means families have a certain level of protection in the event a breadwinner dies. Understanding these benefits and your eligibility for them may require the…

social security disability claim

Many Americans are entitled to Social Security Disability benefits. Here in Mississippi, over 140,000 residents currently receive these benefits, with thousands more making application for benefits every year. But many people may be surprised to learn that seven in ten applications for these benefits are denied after the initial submission….