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Category Archives: Divorce


Protect your Marriage from Coronavirus

By Derek L. Hall, PC |

We’ve all heard the advice on how to protect ourselves from coronavirus:  wash hands for 20 seconds multiple times daily, cough into your elbow, avoid touching your face, participate in social distancing that limits your contacts with others.  But how many of us realize that there’s another front that needs a substantial defense:  our… Read More »


Ensure Protection with a Good Divorce Attorney

By Derek L. Hall, PC |

Anyone thinking about filing for divorce has probably spent some time on the Internet looking at alternatives to hiring a local attorney.  They may be hoping to save a few bucks by avoiding attorney’s fees, but are actually being a bit shortsighted.  The fact of the matter is, a good divorce attorney can save… Read More »


Divorce and the IRS

By Derek L. Hall, PC |

One of the last things that you might be thinking about as you contemplate divorce is the implication the split will have on your taxes.  But the truth of the matter is, things are going to change, and knowing the basics puts you in a much better position as you negotiate the terms of… Read More »


What Men Need to Know About Divorce

By Derek L. Hall, PC |

For many men, divorce is an unexpected twist in life that really throws them for a loop.  After feeling in charge of things, it can be quite unsettling to discover that suddenly, changes are coming your way that you not only did not choose; you really have only limited ability to direct the changes. … Read More »


How to Find the Right Divorce Attorney

By Derek L. Hall, PC |

If you’re an average American, chances are you’ll be married some time before reaching the age of 50. If it’s your first marriage, there’s about a 40 percent chance of divorcing sometime thereafter.  Roughly 800,000 people a year find themselves in this group. Luckily, three out of four people find love again, remarrying within… Read More »


Thinking Outside the Box When it Comes to Divorce and Children

By Derek L. Hall, PC |

There was a time when divorce meant that single mothers took on the bulk of child rearing, while fathers showed up for weekend activities and wrote a check to cover child support. But nowadays the options for how to manage parental responsibilities in the wake of divorce are far broader, offering the potential for… Read More »


Should You be Considering Divorce?

By Derek L. Hall, PC |

People who are unhappy in their marriages often feel guilty when thoughts of divorce cross their minds. They feel like failures, as though they are letting everyone down, from their children to extended families and friends.  Nonetheless, sometimes divorce is absolutely the right choice.  Marriage counselors note that some circumstances are simply not healthy,… Read More »


Facing Divorce after 40

By Derek L. Hall, PC |

If you are over forty and considering a divorce from a spouse who’s been tied to you for decades, you can expect things to get complicated.  Grey divorcees, sometimes called silver splitters, may face some immediate and long-term challenges that are not as critical to younger couples.  Having an experienced local divorce attorney at… Read More »


Are Secret Recordings Acceptable or Relevant in a Mississippi Divorce?

By Derek L. Hall, PC |

If you are in the midst of a bitter divorce, it’s possible your spouse has done some pretty crummy things that have created feelings of anger, resentment, and the desire for revenge. In Mississippi, marital fault can impact property division, alimony requirements, and child custody arrangements to some extent, so if the grounds for… Read More »


Financial Documents Involved in Your Mississippi Divorce

By Derek L. Hall, PC |

When it comes to divorce, one of the major hurdles many couples face is finding a way to divide the marital property.  When they cannot come to an agreement among themselves, couples leave it to the courts to decide on the equitable distribution of property.  This makes it important for your attorney to access… Read More »

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