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Catching up with Deadbeat Parents to Collect Child Support

By Derek L. Hall, PC |

If you are owed child support from a deadbeat parent who is evading payment responsibilities and leaving you to provide the financial necessities all on by yourself, you are not alone. The Mississippi Department of Human Services reports that 350,000 parents are behind on child support payments. That means that $800 million is not… Read More »


Establishing Child Support in Mississippi

By Derek L. Hall, PC |

When a child is born to unmarried parents, or his parents separate and divorce, child support obligations need to be established. Child support should be set up as soon as possible after separation for the wellbeing of the child. Fortunately, the child support system in Mississippi is designed to provide a streamlined and straightforward… Read More »


Child Support Modification FAQs

By Derek L. Hall, PC |

In most cases, Mississippi courts issue child support awards in accordance with the Mississippi Child Support Guidelines. These guidelines take into account a variety of relevant factors in order to determine which parent will be required to make child support payments and in what amount. However, a child support award that complied with our… Read More »


Overdue Child Support Payments? How Back Child Support Works in Mississippi

By Derek L. Hall, PC |

In Mississippi, both parents are legally required to financially support their children. When parents are separated, courts often hold parents to this obligation by ordering the “noncustodial parent” (i.e. a parent who does not have physical and/or legal custody of the children) to pay child support to the “custodial parent”. In this instance the… Read More »

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