My new husband wants to adopt my kids, but I’m afraid their father may object, even though he is not involved in their lives. What can we do?

If your husband were to adopt your kids, it would require a termination of parental rights for the children’s biological father. If he does not choose to voluntarily relinquish those rights, you would have to go to court and prove that grounds exist to terminate his parental rights. Such grounds might be available if he deserted you and cannot be found or is considered to have abandoned his children. If the father had no contact for six months with a child under three years old, or no contact for a year with an older child, this may be grounds for termination of parental rights. Also, if there were a series of abusive incidents or sexual abuse involving a child, you may be able to terminate parental rights. There will need to be a hearing in court, and the father has a right to be at that hearing and challenge any proposed termination of his rights.