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Are you in the middle of a divorce and currently going through a contentious child custody dispute? Even if your child custody case has grown extremely controversial, it is important to remember that child support is not determined based on a wide variety of factors in the same way that child custody and visitation are determined. Indeed, under Sections 43-19-101 and 43-19-103 of the Mississippi Code, child support guidelines provide that support payments will be based on a percentage of the adjusted gross income of the paying parent.

Child custody and child support cases can be frustrating, and at the law office of Derek L. Hall, PC we are committed to resolving any disputes are quickly and as efficiently as possible. Whether you need assistance with a child custody and child support case, or if you are seeking representation to help with child support collections or a child support modification order, a dedicated Jackson child support attorney can help.

Guidelines for Child Support

What do child support guidelines look like? As we mentioned above, child support guidelines are based on a percentage of the paying parent’s adjusted gross income. Unless the court “makes a written finding or specific finding on the record that the application of the guidelines would be unjust or inappropriate in a particular case,” according to the language of the statute, it typically will follow these guidelines:

  • 1 child = 14 percent of adjusted gross income;
  • 2 children = 20 percent of adjusted gross income;
  • 3 children = 22 percent of adjusted gross income;
  • 4 children = 24 percent of adjusted gross income; and
  • 5 or more children = 26 percent of adjusted gross income.

What does this look like in practice? Say, for instance, that the paying parent has an adjusted gross income of $50,000. If that paying parent has one child for which she or he is responsible for support, then the support obligation would be 14 percent of $50,000, or $7,000. If there were three children instead, then the support obligation would be 22 percent of $50,000, or $11,000. If you have questions, a Jackson child support attorney can speak with you today.

Overcoming the Presumption that the Child Support Guidelines are Appropriate

What are some of the reasons that a court might not follow the child support guidelines? Under Mississippi Code Section 43-19-103, in some cases the court might determine that the guideline amount is not just or appropriate. Each situation will need to be decided on a case-by-case basis for the court, taking into account the specific facts and circumstances. Generally speaking, however, under the statute, some of the following are examples of situations that might require a child support award that is different from the statutory guidelines:

  • Child has extraordinary medical, psychological, education, or dental expenses;
  • Child has independent income;
  • Obligations of both child support and spousal support;
  • Seasonal shifts in one or both of the parents’ incomes or expenses;
  • Age of the child in relation to the age of older children in the family;
  • Special needs of the child that typically have been met by the family budget;
  • Shared parental arrangement and parenting time;
  • Assets of the paying parent, the payee parent, and the child;
  • Child care expenses; and
  • Any other adjustment that would lead to a more equitable child support obligation.

Contact a Child Support Attorney in Jackson

If you have questions about child support obligation, a Jackson child support attorney can help. Contact Derek L. Hall, PC for more information about our services. If you want it all, you ought to call Hall.

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