Family Lawyer in Jackson, MS

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Divorce, Child Custody & Other Family Law Matters

Whether your family law issues arise from a decision to file for divorce, or if you have complex child custody concerns, an experienced Jackson family attorney can assist you. At the law office of Derek L. Hall, PC, we have years of experience assisting clients with matters involving children. We know how delicate these legal issues can be, and we are committed to offering compassionate guidance in all matters involving children. At our firm, protecting your family is one of our top priorities, and we are dedicated to solving family law issues as quickly and as seamlessly as possible.

Going through divorce is a stressful process for everyone involved. Thinking about going through divorce can be unpleasant and upsetting, but it is important to know that at Derek L. Hall, PC you will have a strong advocate on your side. We represent men and women in divorce and family law matters in Jackson and throughout the surrounding Mississippi areas. We help our clients understand the divorce process and make sure they have the information they need to make an informed decision. Derek Hall is well aware of the effect that divorce and custody battles can have on a child. He has a background in counseling psychology and can assist in making long-term decisions that affect you, your family and your children.

Even if you are just contemplating a divorce, it is important to talk to our Jackson family law attorney. We will ask questions so we have a full understanding of the situation you are facing and can present different legal options that you can consider. You can trust that we will stand by your side.